Mountain Goat Pet Sitting is an animal care business based in Black Mountain, North Carolina, designed to help busy pet owners who travel or just need a friend for their animal companion. From hiking to overnight care, you can rest assured that all your pet's needs will be covered. Mountain Goat Pet Sitting is fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. Future plans include opening Mountain Dog Daycare in Black Mountain, providing an open play facility to my clients.

Justine Hergert Pet Sitter Black Mountain, NC

About The Owner, Justine Hergert

   From hiking through the rolling hills of southern Ohio as a child to backpacking the Art Loeb Trail in western North Carolina, I have always been an avid fan of the outdoors. With a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, I knew that I always wanted to work with animals in some capacity. After graduating in 2011, I applied for the Student Conservation Association to gain more hands-on experience in the wildlife field and fulfill my wanderlust.

   My journey began with the observation of sea lions on the Bonneville Dam in Cascade Locks, Oregon where I studied their predation on salmon populations. Next, I traveled to Carbondale, Colorado where I interned with the Forest Service for the summer performing fisheries management work. After Colorado, I moved back to Oregon where I studied wild salmon populations on the coast.

   Even though I fell in love with Oregon, I soon became very homesick, not for my "home" in Ohio, but for the mountains of western North Carolina. I then accepted a short internship in Richmond, Virginia, which provided me with the opportunity to move to Asheville. Initially, I volunteered for the World Wide Organization for Organic Farming (WWOOF), which aided me in acquiring a job at a local pet store. While working for the pet store, I soon began my transition into pet sitting, which practically fell into my lap. Over 2 years later, I have now ventured out on my own to pursue pet sitting full time and it has been an ever-expanding endeavor. My ultimate goal is to provide animal care, exercise, and training to my clients throughout the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

Dog Walking / Dog Hiking

About Floyd The Dog

   Floyd and I found each other during a spontaneous trip to the Bell County Shelter in Middlesboro, Kentucky while I was visiting a friend. I have never seen so many dogs of all ages in one place. Every cage was filled with 2 or more dogs. Floyd was in a cage with his brother labeled "shepherd-mix" and according to the shelter, had been there for months. Unfortunately, most shelters are "kill" shelters and I was informed that Floyd's time was almost up. After attempting to walk Floyd and his brother on a leash, I soon realized that these dogs probably had never seen the outside world. Needless to say, I ended up taking Floyd home that day. Fortunately, Floyd has turned out to be an amazing companion and trail dog. With such a docile temperament and love for other dogs and people, I hope to one day make him a therapy dog.

About Mary Beth Benton

   Mary Beth Benton is an experienced animal caregiver specializing in birds, horses, cats, and dogs.  She is also an outdoor enthusiast, passionate about hiking, birding, gardening, and farming.  After obtaining a Bachelors in Animal Science at The Ohio State University, she continued to work in wildlife conservation and pet care. 

   The years spent working on her family’s thoroughbred horse farm created a foundation for Mary Beth’s future in animal care.  She began by working on a horse farm throughout and after college, then focused on equine reproduction and nutrition in her studies.  While having passion for many other animals she went on to expand her breadth of experiences to the world of birds. 

   Her most recent endeavor was managing a large parrot aviary in Sunbury, Ohio where she brought her knowledge of wild birds to a pet bird environment.  After four years dedicated to parrot husbandry, she became an expert in raising parrots and understanding their behavior through handling over 35 species.  Mary Beth has a broad wealth of knowledge and skills to offer the ever expanding clientele of Mountain Goat Pet Services. 

Mary Beth Benton, Pet Sitter, Bird sitter, Black Mountain NC, Asheville NC

Dog Walking / Dog Hiking

About Jade

   Mary Beth rescued Jade eight years ago at Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) in the countryside of southern Ohio.  ARF thought she was a border collie, cocker spaniel mix, but most people we meet think she is a corgi mix.  All I know is that she has become a wonderful friend over the past eight years who loves to hike, swim, camp, play with most other dogs, and sleep!  She is skeptical of children so we try to keep our distance.  Jade is great with other dogs, and likes to teach them her ways.  She may be small, but she will definitely keep up with any other dog on the mountain!